• $2,150,000 recovered for a family in a wrongful death case. A corporation caused the death when it did not warn of a dangerous condition. The case was settled after several days in mediation with a retired judge.
  • We presently are representing the family of a girl who died in a DC Public Charter School. This case will change the way DC Charter Schools deal with children who suffer trauma.
  • William J. Lightfoot in 2019 won a D.C. worker’s compensation hearing securing loss wages and medical benefits for a worker who suffered a severe burn after hot soup was spilled onto his foot. The injured worker has not returned to work but his future is financially secure.
  • William P. Lightfoot in 2019 won a trial in the District of Columbia for $485,000 for a man injured in a car crash. The car crash caused a concussion. The man was on his way to work when a US Government vehicle side swiped his car.
  • William J. Lightfoot in 2020 won a D.C. worker’s compensation hearing for a worker who fell off a ladder. The fall caused a permanent injury to the worker’s knee. Mr. Lightfoot won a lump sum payment for the permanent injury. The worker returned to work.
  • William P. Lightfoot in 2018 negotiated a $7,000,000 settlement for a pedestrian who was struck by a commercial vehicle while crossing the street. The vehicle ran over the pedestrian’ legs, causing permanent injury.
  • William J. Lightfoot won in 2019 a D.C. worker’s compensation hearing for a worker who was injured when a co-worker struck him with a door. The employer claimed that the worker did not have a permanent injury to his arm, but Mr. Lightfoot persuaded the judge that surgery on the arm left the man with permanent injury.
  • William P. Lightfoot in 2018 represented the family of a pedestrian who was killed by construction equipment. Faulty equipment caused the driver to not see the pedestrian. The case settled for $3,000,000.
  • The firm currently represents several people with catastrophic injuries. TV news reports describing those cases can be found on the firm’s website under the tab titled videos.