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Workers in construction, manufacturing, automotive repair and other industries that rely on heavy machinery often find themselves in high-risk situations. A malfunction or mistake in the use of heavy machinery can lead to an injury that impairs or halts a worker’s career. The workers’ compensation and personal injury attorneys of Lightfoot Law, PLLC in Washington, D.C. represent mechanics, engineers, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC workers and other professionals harmed in accidents involving heavy machinery. Practicing throughout the D.C. metro area and Maryland, we pursue the maximum compensation available to injured laborers. Contact us online or by calling (831) 708-0298.

Accomplished lawyers assist workers harmed by job-related equipment

Our experienced legal team assists injured clients with workers’ compensation claims, workplace death cases, and personal injury lawsuits resulting from the use of heavy machinery. Common causes of injuries include:

  • Rollover accidents — A piece of heavy equipment that strikes or pins a person in a rollover accident can cause catastrophic injuries.
  • Repetitive strain injuries — Using heavy equipment regularly can cause physical trauma that builds into a major health issue over time. Bursitis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are common repetitive strain injuries.
  • Backup accidents — Vehicles used in construction can have large blind spots. Being hit by or pinned between heavy machinery is often extremely harmful.
  • Loud noises — Repeated or prolonged exposure to noise-generating heavy machinery can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.
  • Roadway incidents — A worker exposed to moving traffic is vulnerable to the reckless actions and poor decisions of passing motorists.
  • Defective machinery — Heavy machinery is dangerous even when it functions normally. A malfunction can create greater hazards. If a manufacturing defect contributed to your injury, the company that manufactured the machinery may be held liable, along with vendors and others in the chain of distribution.

No matter the physical and emotional challenges you face, our seasoned attorneys are ready to fight for the justice you seek.

Established law firm aids workers injured in heavy machinery occupations

Broken bones, back and spinal injuries, crushing injuries, traumatic brain injury, burns and amputations can all result from heavy machinery accidents. If the use of heavy machinery at work caused you to suffer an injury or illness:

  • Seek emergency medical attention for any immediate needs and obtain follow-up medical care as advised by your physician.
  • Notify your employer about the injury, which will cause the employer to file an official report with D.C. or Maryland authorities.
  • Collect evidence of the events that led to the injury.
  • Document all medical care and your communication with your employer.
  • File a claim with the D.C. or Maryland workers’ compensation authorities, providing all relevant information about your injury and the benefits you seek.
  • Consider filing a claim against a third party whose negligence was a factor in your accident.

Consulting a lawyer promptly after your injury can help ensure that you receive sound legal advice while preparing and filing your workers’ compensation claim.

Committed D.C. law firm pursues benefits for medical expenses and lost wages

Workers’ compensation pays for necessary medical costs resulting from work-related injuries. It may also provide payments to cover two-thirds of the wages you miss from being unable to return to your job or compensation for reduced earning capacity. In some cases, it pays for vocational rehabilitation to help you gain new job skills.

The total compensation made available to you and the length of time over which you receive payments will depend on whether your disability is considered partial or total, and temporary or permanent. Our attorneys will help you document your eligibility for the type of benefits that apply in your case.

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