After suffering an accident at work, I sought legal counsel to determine what rights I had in seeking treatment for my injury. After the more familiar names in injury law refused to help me, I found William J. Lightfoot, who was very willing to help me. Mr. Lightfoot quickly advised me of my options and provided step by step help in securing worker’s compensation to cover all medical expenses related to the accident. I had no idea how to navigate the worker’s compensation process in DC, but William was very knowledgeable. Specifically, he helped me secure physical therapy until I had reached the maximum level of utility. After that, he worked to secure a settlement for my injury that was agreed to by all parties. William always responded to my messages in a timely manner and made me feel like an important client and not just another case. Throughout the process, William was able to achieve the most favorable outcome every step of the way.

Client - Lawyerist Review

Excellent, professional attorneys in the Washington D.C. metro area. Mr. Lightfoot took me on as a client 2 years ago and I have been very happy with the results he has brought to the table. Diligent in researching and execution of all paperwork and assistance with finding the best medical professionals to help me begin the process of feeling healthy again. He has very strong courtroom presence and leaps the judicial hurdles with a passion like no other. He WILL work hard and tirelessly for you. I highly recommend Will Lightfoot and his team of sharp individuals to assist you if you’ve been injured on the job. I will always be amazed at the lengths he went to complete my case and am very grateful to have him as my Attorney. Thank you Mr. Lightfoot. You are the best!

David - Google Review

I am thoroughly impressed with Attorney May's extraordinary knowledge of the law and her ability to translate the particulars of the law in terms that I understand. Not only is her deliverance logical and explicit, Attorney May is also extremely compassionate, warm, fair and genuine, which are paramount trustworthy characteristics. I trust her. I respect her and I will recommend her services to everyone in need. She is a remarkable person, attorney and consummate professional!!

Client - Lawyerist Review

I sought representation after Workmen’s Comp informed me they will no longer pay for future medical for a work related foot injury. I was represented in a former personal injury case by William P. Lightfoot. From the beginning, Mr. Lightfoot instructed me to file documents with DC Employment Services that required filing within one year after the injury. It was my understanding, if the papers weren’t filed workmen’s comp could cancel my claim. For personal injury claims I highly recommend, William J. Lightfoot, he is educated on Workmen’s Comp procedures and will ensure you understand every step. He’s a nice guy!

Client - Lawyerist Review

I have always been pleased with the legal services Mr. William P. Lightfoot provided for me. I've had terrible experiences with attorneys in the past. When attorney Mr. William P. Lightfoot represented me, he showed me how an attorney is supposed to represent his client. I’m very fortunate to have a trusted, professional, understanding and a dependable attorney. The best part of his service was that he is very passionate about his work meaning you will get the best services. Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will continue to have Mr. William P. Lightfoot as my attorney. I hope by sharing my experience it will help you decide whom to represent you when you need an attorney such as Mr. William Lightfoot.

Barbara J. - Lawyerist Review

Bill Lightfoot and Kelly Fisher represented my husband and I after we lost our 1 year old son Stokely due to daycare negligence. They were very attentive and caring during the entire process. They fully and clearly explained each step. After we suffered such a tremendous loss, it was comforting to know we had a team of professionals looking out for our interests and caring about us as people. We highly recommend Bill and Kelly!

Mari Andrews - Lawyerist Review

Lightfoot Law has some of the brightest minds in the business! I myself have enjoyed our partnership. They put clients first and give maximum effort that produce results!

Matt and Laura Workman - Google Review

My husband and I were very happy to have Mr. Lightfoot represent us. He was meticulously prepared, gave excellent arguments, made us feel as comfortable as one can feel in court and had a good sense of humor as well. He and his staff were very accommodating, answering our calls promptly and over weekends. We recommend him!

Eka Kapiotis - Google Review

Mr. William P. Lightfoot did excellent work for my father. He will be considered in the future for my family and recommended to my friends and family members as well. I would highly recommend Mr. William P. Lightfoot because of his expertise, service and patience with people.

Cynthia Copeland - Google Review

On March 24th 2016, I was hit by a Metro bus and I luckily survived but with terrible injuries. William Lightfoot represented me on my case. I honestly have nothing but positive words about my experience with him and his firm. Not only is he a GREAT attorney he is genuinely a good person. I felt like he cared more about my justice, security, and well being than of his own personal gain from a high profile case like mine. He impressed me with his professionalism and whit. Even though I was unlucky enough to be hit by a bus, I was lucky that it brought amazing people like Mr. Lightfoot, Paulette, and Kelly into my life. I could never thank them enough for all they have done for me.

Tina Glennie - Google Review

Great lawyer and very attentive. I recommend him to everyone!

Sophia Santos - Google Review