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Falls from roofs, ladders and scaffolding can be fatal. People who survive falls from such elevated heights may suffer serious physical trauma and permanent injuries. Our attorneys at the law firm of Lightfoot Law, PLLC assert the rights of clients injured in falls on residential and commercial property and construction sites in Maryland and the District of Columbia. With years of experience in local courts and a dedicated practice of personal injury and workers’ compensation law, we have the knowledge and background to fight for settlements that cover the full scope of accident expenses.

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Any worker who performs regular job duties from scaffolding, roofs or ladders is at risk for suffering from a serious fall injury. Scaffolding that is not properly installed or secured creates a danger for the workers who have to navigate it, the pedestrians below and the building’s occupants. Failure to use appropriate safety ropes or harnesses is one of the mistakes that can lead to devastating consequences. Tools and construction material may slide off the scaffolding platform and hit people below, or workers may fall from the scaffolding and have no way to avoid impact with the hard ground. In other cases, construction accidents can be caused by the defective design of the scaffolding materials themselves.

Ladders are involved in many slip and fall accidents. Common causes include overloading the ladder, using it on uneven ground, choosing a ladder that is not the right height for the task at hand, and failing to maintain three points of contact with the ladder when it is in use.

Every year in the United States, thousands of people are killed by falls from heights, and hundreds more are seriously injured. Life-changing head, neck and spinal cord injuries may occur when a person falls on their back. A person who tries to catch their fall may still suffer a broken bone, fracture, sprain or other form of physical trauma.

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A fall can leave the injured person with mounting medical costs and few options for collecting income. If you are hurt in a fall accident, our lawyers can work diligently to help you claim damages for medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other relevant expenses.

If a construction company or a third-party contractor failed to uphold its duty of care, such as by using low-quality materials or improperly trained workers, they may be liable for the costs of your injuries. Whether you need to file a workers’ compensation claim or initiate a personal injury lawsuit, we can guide you through the necessary legal steps and advise you on the possible costs and benefits of different legal strategies.

By seeking legal counsel promptly after your accident, you give your legal team the ability to collect evidence while it is still fresh. Our lawyers can investigate the possibility that business negligence or property owner negligence contributed to the cause of your injury. When it comes time to seek compensation for your losses, we will be prepared to justify your right to the full amount of damages needed for recovery.

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