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As a member of the public, you place your safety in the hands of the police, especially in the unfortunate instance of being under arrest or another form of restraint of your freedom. If you experience violent or abusive treatment from officers who overstep their authority, you deserve the opportunity to hold the transgressors accountable. At Lightfoot Law, PLLC in Washington, D.C., our personal injury attorneys are experienced at winning justice for victims of police brutality. We will carefully analyze your case and take the necessary steps to obtain compensation for the harm you have suffered.

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While police officers are given broad discretion in carrying out law enforcement duties, their powers are limited under the U.S. Constitution, federal law and state constitutional and common law. There are remedies available for victims of police brutality to hold abusers of power responsible. Federal law allows civil actions against individual police officers as well as responsible government agencies and state law allows victims to pursue claims against police officers in a personal capacity. Common grounds for lawsuits are:

  • Civil rights violations — When police or other law enforcement officials use excessive or unwarranted physical force while acting in an official capacity, they may be charged in a federal civil action with deprivation of constitutional or civil rights. This remedy, known as a Section 1983 lawsuit, can hold not only the officer but also the governmental entity liable.
  • False arrest — If you are arrested or held in custody without probable cause or a court order, you have a right to seek damages for  physical harm, mental anguish and other resulting losses.
  • Malicious prosecution — An officer who initiates or pursues a criminal prosecution without probable cause may be liable for damages similar to those recoverable for false arrest.
  • Failure to intervene —An officer may be liable for allowing others to violate your constitutional or legal rights. However, the failure to intervene must be purposeful, not merely negligent.

Our firm has extensive familiarity with police brutality cases and the determination to take assertive action on our clients’ behalf. If you are a Washington, D.C. or Maryland resident and you or a loved one has been a victim of such abuse, we are prepared to help you proceed with your claim.

Skilled advocates seek full range of damages for victims of police brutality

Plaintiffs who prevail in police brutality suits are entitled to their actual damages for medical costs, lost income, injury to reputation and other harm suffered as a result. In Section 1983 cases, plaintiffs can win compensation for their attorneys’ fees. In state court suits, punitive damages may also be recovered from an officer who acted with malice or ill will, though not from the government entity involved.

Timing is critical in bringing police brutality suits. Civil actions in Maryland and Washington, D.C. must be brought within three years from the date of the alleged act of brutality. The sooner we are hired as your counsel, the faster we can begin investigating your case and pursuing fair compensation on your behalf.

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